I'm Adam

I’m an artist, a strategist, a dog dad, an online shopping addict (who's made a career out of it) and a southern belle who moved to the Big Apple right after college, found his footing in the beauty and fashion industry, and never looked back! I'm also the owner of Lilo the Pug, the partner to an amazing boyfriend of 3 years named Matt, I have *not enough* tattoos, and am currently enjoying the WFH life by the beach in Charleston, SC for the time being (had to get away from the herds of crowds back when COVID hit) So who knows where I'll end up next!

I Merge Strategy With Beautiful Storytelling

I'm a strategist first, a designer second, and a magician third. Lol. Just kidding. But I do make magic happen, and that's only with the help of  incredible cross-functional teams who help bring my vision to life, like the Global Online and Global Marketing teams, front- AND back-end developers, and our third-party data experts like Content Square. I love to be the synergy between the creative team and the cross-functional teams, to ensure the final creative deployed hits all strategic objectives.

Web Design
Adobe Suite
Digital Marketing
Web Design
Product Advertising
Paid Media
Email Strategy
Consumer Behavior

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