Hello! I'm Adam.
I'm an artist, a strategist, a problem solver, a collaborator, a mentor, a friend, and a lover of all things consumer-behavior related. With 5+ years of experience working in advertising, .COM and digital marketing, I have uncovered a deep-rooted passion for the art of digital storytelling.
Web Design
Mobile-first approach, and designing responsively for different screens is a must, but how do you take that approach to the next level? You get data (lots of it) and you apply it directly to your site experience, so that conversion rates go up and the bounce rates go down.
From strategic touchpoints to the most granular details like a CTA style, so many variables play a role in the success of a killer email strategy.
Paid Media
These make-or-break assets have proven to be a critically competitive arena and it's my job to create beautiful stories that are filled with conversion-driving cues for consumers.
Digital Brand Guidelines
Upholding the integrity of a brand is no easy feat - but it's a necessary one when said brand relies heavily on regional localization. I've worked closely with some incredible partners to bring to life a rigorous set of guidelines for regions to adapt both their emails and all digital assets, including paid media, at a local level.


Adam has acquired a wide ranging multi-disciplinary background throughout his half-decade-long career. After Adam moved to the Big Apple in 2017, he started his career in digital advertising as a freelance motion designer for Century 21, before turning his focus toward a more permanent role. Since joining M·A·C Cosmetics' Global Creative team, Adam has achieved exactly what he sought to do: build close cross-functional and regional relationships while creating consistently out-performing digital activations. Most recently, Adam spearheading the entire digital activation for MACstack Mascrara, the launch that's become the most successful NPL since the brand became a subsidiary of ELC in 1996. Adam also overhauled the entire Consumer Lifecycle email series for the brand not once but TWICE, in 2018 and again in 2021, and are projected to rack in 8 figures for the brand over the next 2 fiscals. Adam has also led every equity launch for the brand since his start with the brand began, including the brand's commitment to Inclusion and Diversity, Pride, Viva Glam 26, and eco-friendly causes like its Back-To-M·A·C program. After a plethora of incredible opportunities and activating over 200 campaign launches, Adam is looking to build and mentor a digital team of his own.

3.75+ years, Freelance Web Design, Digital Marketing
Jan 2014 — Oct 2017
SOVI Music App
4 months, E-Commerce Intern
May 2017 — Sept 2017
Charleston Magazine
4 months, Freelance Photographer
May 2017 –– Sept 2017
M·A·C Cosmetics
2 years, Global Digital Designer
3+ years, Global Senior Digital Designer
Oct 2017 –– Current

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