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Cadence Strategy, A/B Testing, Modular Storytelling and Optimizations
Emails are a major source of gravity with brand loyalists, so I understand the weight at hand here. Whether that's aligning on strategic approach for a series of emails or conducting A/B tests to see where nitty gritty details can be tweaked to boost performance, I love the artform of telling a story through an email cadence.
My Contributions
After 5+ years of experience partnering closely with Global Consumer Marketing, the editorial team and the NOAM marketing team, I approach an email ecosystem for every product launch with a fresh set of eyes in how to tell that story in a beautiful and unique way, but still ensuring I'm implementing any A/B test learnings along the way. My email designs always follow a mobile design approach (since mass majority of users are opening emails on their smartphones). They also follow a modular design approach, so that every "touchpoint" can be segmented, moved around or repopulated by the regions. Each market has a unique demographic with unique shopping behaviors, so this is just as important of a step in my process as A/B testing.

Campaign Emails

Below are just a few examples among the 500+ New Product Launch emails that Adam has designed for M·A·C Cosmetics.
There is a plethora of insights, as I'm sure you can imagine, that come with over half a decade's worth of knowledge from A/B tests, and especially partnering so closely with regional affiliates. From CTA styles, to copy length (highly editorialized vs. straight-to-the-point), to messaging hierarchy swaps, to image swaps, to scroll lengths, product-to-price proximity, lengths of header images, even the types of emails themselves that have performed well or have bombed... I've garnered an incredible index of knowledge of the subject of email optimization. So of course, all of my email designs as they stand today are an accumulation every detail, pulled directly from my "index."
A/B Testing
While I won't give away my secret ingredients here, I'll give you a high-level idea of the wealth of knowledge I've acquired about how consumers are interacting with emails, what that data means, and how I've "optimized" all of my creative decisions centered around those insights.

Consumer Lifecycle Email Series

Below are just a few examples among the 70+ targeted emails that Adam has designed for M·A·C Cosmetics.
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